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The Institute of Sociology’s (ISFLUP) Line of Action, Inequalities, Culture and Territory, comprises an area of studies and reflection on the growing interconnections between territory and culture, assuming that these are pervaded by intense processes of social inequality. This preliminary definition is based on a profound desire to investigate that constantly mutable object, stimulating active dynamics of reflection and discussion in relation to the surrounding environment, so as to give relevance and to update an on-going debate between territories and cultures. The following may be highlighted as major goals:


i) To boost interdisciplinary reflection on new emerging and alternative cultural dynamics that take as their stage the territories, particularly the urban ones;


ii) To present the population in general and local and regional institutions with some lines of thought on the topics analysed, so as to encourage their future participation in the project and to open up to institutional cooperation and partnerships with local actors, following a rationale of research-action;


iii) To deepen our understanding of issues in constant transformation and explore lines of intervention from the viewpoint of a cultural policy anchored in innovative strategies and objectives.

Members of the Research Line


- Adilson Filomeno Carvalho Semedo (


- Alice Lucas Semedo (

- Ana Filipa Roseira Rodrigues (

- Ana Luísa Teixeira Nunes Pereira (

- Ana Paula dos Santos Pereira de Sequeiros (

- Andreia Filipa Soares Passos Cardoso (

- António Joaquim Esteves (

- António Pedro de Sousa Cunha Teixeira Pombo (

- António Teixeira Fernandes (

- Augusto Ernesto Santos Silva (

- Bruno José Rodrigues Monteiro (

- Carla Aurélia Rodrigues de Almeida (

- Cláudia Marisa Silva de Oliveira (

- Dulce Maria da Graça Magalhães (

- Ester Maria dos Reis Gomes da Silva ( 

- Fernando Manuel Rocha da Cruz (

- Idalina Maria Morais Machado (

- Isabel Maria Fernandes da Silva Cruz (

- Izabela Naves Coelho Teobaldo (

- João Miguel Trancoso Vaz Teixeira Lopes (

- João Paulo Valente Aguiar (

- João Pedro Luís de Queirós (

- José António Pinto (

- José Manuel Pereira Azevedo (

- José Virgílio Borges Pereira (

- Lígia Sofia Alves Passos Ferro (

- Maria Alice Duarte Silva (

- Maria Elisa Pérez da Silva Babo (

- Maria João da Silva Oliveira (

- Maria Luísa da Rocha Vasconcelos Quaresma (

- Marta Luís Oliveira Cruz Proença de Carvalho (

- Marta Serra Lima (

- Natália Maria Azevedo Casqueira (

- Paula Maria Guerra Tavares (

- Pedro José dos Santos Bóia (

- Pedro Moreno da Fonseca (

- Rafaela Neiva Ganga (

- Rui Filipe Dias dos Santos (

- Rui Pedro Coutinho de Oliveira Pinto (

- Rui Pedro Paulino da Fonseca (

- Sandra Cristina Lima Coelho (

- Sara Cristina Dias de Melo (

- Tânia Lúcia Leão Martins de Sousa e Silva (


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