International Projects FLUP

International Projects at FLUP



Erasmus+ Programme

Strategic Parnerships
    ·       NEW FACES: Facing Europe in Crisis: Shakespeare’s World and Present Challenges (2016-2019)

Sector Skills Alliances

·       Mu.SA: MUseum Sector Alliance (2016-2019)


Erasmus Programme

Erasmus Intensive Programmes

·         GLEMA: German Literature in the European Middle Ages (2009-2012)

·         Environment Awareness. Communication. Interpretation (2010-2013)

·         Shakespeare and European Culture: Texts and Images Across Borders (2007-2010)


Multilateral Academic Networks

·         OPTIMALE: Optimising Professional Translator Training In A Multilingual Europe (2010-2013)


Comenius Programme

Multilateral Networks

· Geomedia in Schools (2011-2014)


 Grundtvig Programme

Learning Partnerships

·         FADO - Find A Delightful Opportunity to learn Portuguese through Internet and Songs (2010-2013)


ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme Action 1

Joint Master’s

·         GLITEMA: German Literature in the European Middle Ages (2010-2016)


Joint Doctorate

·         TEEME: Text and Event in Early Modern Europe (2010-2018)


 7th Framework Programme R&D


·         MOVE: Measurement of Vulnerability in Europe (2009-2012)


Socioeconomic Sciences and Humanities

·         EURESCL: Slave Trade: Slavery Abolitions and their Legacies in European Histories and Identities (2008-2012)


DestaForma, Design e Multimédia

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